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    Raven Defense employs a team of subject matter experts with domain knowledge in airborne system integration, telemetry systems, electro-optical and infrared tracking and imaging, and satellite communications.  Challenge us with your unique technical requirements. 

    Engineering Consultation - Leverage our expertise to augment your engineering team, review design details, and conduct red team technical reviews.  We are familiar with a variety of standards and approaches to engineering design from lean and fast small business practices to large company engineering processes, allowing us to seamlessly integrate into your team to provide value starting on day one.

    Flight Test and Space Launch Support – Our team has experience spanning dozens of RDT&E flight test and space launch activities supporting the US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, MDA, NASA, DARPA, other government agencies, and commercial customers.  Over the course of the past 15 years we have honed our skills and served as mission critical test support personnel for telemetry collection, communications, as well as optical tracking and imagery on fixed and mobile ground, airborne, and ship-based platforms.  Let us use our experience to help your next mission succeed.

    System Design and Contract Manufacturing – We specialize in complex system design, engineering, and fabrication of specialty one-off and low quantity instrumentation.  Allow our team to build and integrate a telemetry tracking system purpose-built for your needs.  Work with us on your next custom optical tracker to get exactly the performance you are looking for.  Engage our team to build the leading-edge communications equipment that you deserve.  Don’t continue to settle for industry standard, low cost, commodity hardware.  Work with Raven Defense and together we can build the system you really need at a price that you can afford.