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Raven  Advanced  Phased-Array  Telemetry  Resource




Introducing the RAPTR: a mission-ready, fully operational, field proven, and scalable capability to meet the next generation in weapons system test and evaluation requirements.  RAPTR provides a robust multi-beam electronically scanned telemetry tracking system which may be tailored and scaled to adjust system G/T, frequency coverage, number of targets, and scan volume.    


RAPTR has been proven through an extensive test and evaluation campaign including:
-  RF performance measurement in a certified chamber
-  Environmental testing per MIL-STD-810H
      - Vibration        - Temperature
      - Humidity        - Altitude
-  EME survivability in complex mission scenarios
-  Link and G/T testing
-  Flight test 

RAPTR can be operated completely unattended using pre-programmed mission parameters or through the intuitive GUI for enhanced situational awareness.  Simply provide the primary tracking frequency and bandwidth for each beam and the system does the rest.  RAPTR command and control inputs as well as situational awareness outputs may be operated over low-bandwidth and high-latency SATCOM links without issue.


The RAPTR hybridized beamforming architecture avoids costly high-speed digitizers and makes use of modern, advanced components developed by the telecommunications industry for LTE and 5G.  The result is a highly reliable, high performance, and low SWAP-C solution.  The fully self-contained 8-beam 64-element base RAPTR module in S-Band weighs under 125lbs., consumes less than 400W of power, and requires no external cooling.

RAPTR is scalable and reconfigurable to meet the changing needs of the T&E community.  Our architecture supports single frequency L-Band, S-Band, and C-Band modules as well as a dual-band L/S-Band module to meet current telemetry frequency assignments.  The 64-element array can easily be expanded to 256-element arrays and beyond as needed to meet G/T requirements.

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