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Maritime Networked  Telemetry Asset 


Manta Raven

MaNTA Raven provides for a Roll-On/ Roll-Off telemetry collection and instrumentation platform to support Test and Evaluation requirements in the Broad Ocean Area (BOA) in the Pacific, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Coast and Hawaiian areas of operation.  

The baseline MaNTA deployment configuration includes dual high-dynamic 6m telemetry tracking antenna systems with associated telemetry receivers, recorders, and associated test equipment.  Redundant Inmarsat GX, Fleet Broadband, and Iridium Certus SATCOM systems are available to facilitate voice and data communications from the deployed system.


MaNTA integrates a 40’ ICD-705 compliant T-SCIF alongside unclassified workspaces to support a wide variety of mission operations profiles. 

Raven Defense currently has arrangements in place with commercial vessel providers with access to an aggregate of over 50 host vessels.

The host vessel may be used to accommodate additional sensors and capability, including PROTN, Range Lynx, TSS, LIDSS, ROAR, TOAR, PEGSS, TARGT, Optical Sensors, Weather Balloons, and other specialty sensors.   

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