Maritime Networked  Telemetry Asset 


Manta Raven

MaNTA Raven provides for a Roll-On/ Roll-Off telemetry collection and instrumentation platform to support Test and Evaluation requirements in the Broad Ocean Area (BOA) in the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico.  

Instrumentation may be rapidly reconfigured to support specific mission needs. Available instrumentation includes:


Qty(2) – 1m Flat Panel Antennas (excellent for acquisition aids)
Qty(2) – Medium Duty Positioners with 3.6m Reflectors (tri-band capable)
Qty(2) – Heavy Duty Positioners with 4.5m or 6m Reflectors (tri-band capable)
Qty(1) – 20’ Operations Shelter 
Qty(1) – 40’ Operations Shelter


Associated telemetry receivers, recorders, bit synchronizers, test modulators, re-rad equipment, communications systems, and associated equipment sufficient to collect up to 11 independent telemetry streams


High bandwidth SATCOM data connections available

Raven Defense currently has arrangements in place with commercial vessel providers with access to an aggregate of over 30 host vessels  

Host Vessel may be used to accommodate additional sensors and capability, including PROTN, LYNX, TSS, LIDSS, ROAR, Optical Sensors, Weather Balloons, etc. 

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